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Specializing in PR for startups and young consumer brands for over 10 years, w/Sara is a boutique agency that becomes part of your work family. Through earned and/or paid media, we help build brand awareness and get products noticed so you can focus on the biz stuff. We work hard for results, but we don’t forget to have fun while doing it. How’d we get here?

After too many bad bosses at high-end NYC PR firms demanding long hours in exchange for zero appreciation, Sara Spiegel vowed to never, ever be that type of leader. Years before remote work became the norm, Sara’s philosophy was simple: as long as we deliver brilliance, it doesn’t matter where it’s conjured up. 



for startups

Our core team is tight-knit and we’re a mighty bunch. As a PR agency for startups, small and midsize businesses, influencers, artists, and dreamers, we value work/life balance in both thought and deed. That means we work hard while never forgetting to stop and smell the roses. Our eyes, ears, and minds are always open, and that’s partly what makes us so darn creative. 

Whether working from a small coffee shop overlooking the lush landscape of Medellin or chatting up the locals in a European dive bar, our experiences and conversations across the globe bring a richness and depth of perspective that translates into extraordinary ideas for.... You.

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I've called NYC home for 12 years and I live in Brooklyn with my husband Chris, step-daughter Piper and our Aussie Jerry (after Jerry Seinfeld). I am a big believer in digital detox, so during my “after hours” you might find me traveling (my next trip is to Iceland!), reading (fiction and non), painting (a pandemic hobby), working out, walking my dog, or exploring NYC w/ the people I love. I’m not the best cook -- I leave that to my husband— but I can give you a great restaurant rec when you need one :) 

Hi! You are probably getting a sense of who I am professionally, but I am much more than what I do between the hours of 9-5(ish).

CEO + Founder



Brianna Arps, founder of MOODEAUX

When I decided to launch MOODEAUX, they were our first "hires," given their vast network, success record and overall dedication to illuminating rising startups. We truly work together as a team, and I couldn't recommend them enough.

"I've been a witness to w/Sara PR's work ethic and commitment to excellence for years." 

"They’re responsive, creative, and driven, and I know our business wouldn’t be where it is today without their support."

Isabel Rittenberg, CMO of Marble

Working with the team at PR with Sara has not only driven impactful results for our business, but it’s also been a refreshing experience compared to other firms I’ve worked with in the past. What sets PR with Sara apart is that they’ve become a very natural extension of our team, working in lock-step with us to hit our (ever-expanding) goals. They constantly come to us with ideas for new angles to pursue, while also running with any asks that we give them. 

Matthew Hassett, founder of Loftie

We’ve worked with them from pre-launch ’til now, over three years later, with over 100,000 units sold. They have managed our affiliate program masterfully. The exposure and sales that PR generates has been critical to our success. I would pick them as our publicists every time.

“w/Sara is an extended, and integral, part of our marketing team."


Our PR efforts created very important brand awareness that gave us much needed differentiation in a competitive market.

"W/Sara’s PR efforts played a vital role in our successful launch."


They understood my vision and helped me launch my brand in a manner that maximized awareness for us as a start-up. The dream team that is Sara and Allie are such a pleasure to work with and they genuinely care about your success as a client.

"I could not have dreamed of finding a better PR firm than the team at w/Sara PR!" 


In a landscape where inauthenticity seems prevalent, Sara takes steps to develop programs that highlight brand authenticity while identifying optimal opportunity for awareness.  With Sara PR is a dedicated and reliable partner for any consumer brand that values premium coverage, integrated organic strategy and impactful partnerships.

"Sara is goal-oriented and limitless in strategic innovatiON, seeking to continuously align with digital-first programming and new networks."

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